Russia Buries Navy Officers Killed In Sub Fire

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Navy sailors carry wreaths prior to a funeral in Saint Petersburg on July 6, 2019, three days after a fire that killed 14 officers on what was reportedly a nuclear-powered mini-submarine.

The funerals of 14 Russian navy officers killed in a fire on a nuclear-powered submersible in circumstances the Kremlin has not fully revealed began on Saturday in Saint Petersburg.

The officers died in the Barents Sea on Monday, but the accident was only made public a day later. Russia has said the details of the tragedy were a “state secret.”

Moscow confirmed the vessel was nuclear-powered on Friday.

The funerals were closed to the press and took place in the former imperial capital’s historic Serafimovskoye Cemetery.


14 vehicles were seen carrying coffins drive into the cemetery.

Some ordinary Saint Petersburg residents came to the gates of the cemetery to pay their respects to the high-ranking seamen.

Report says the 14 seamen will be buried near a monument to the Kursk victims in the Serafimovskoye Cemetery.

Nearly all of the victims were highly decorated officers and included seven Captain First Rank officers — the most senior staff officers in the Russian navy.

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