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Nigerian PhD student dies Malaysia deportation camp

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A Nigerian PhD student has died in a deportation camp in Malaysia after he was arrested by immigration officers wrongfully.

A Nigerian student known as Thomas Orhionsefe Ewansiha, who was undergoing his PhD in Malaysia, has reportedly died in a deportation camp after he was allegedly arrested wrongfully by immigration officers.

Thomas was picked up during a recent raid in Amapuri and was taken to a deportation camp in Jalan Duta, Malaysia. Despite having valid documents, he was still kept in their custody. He is said to have died while the officers were verifying his paper ahead of his release.

His friends and family are calling out for justice for the young man. They started a #BlacklivesmatterinMalaysia hashtag to call on meaningful people to get justice for the death of Mr. Orhons Ewanshiha.

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